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ERP For Small To Medium Business

ERP For Small To Medium Business  - Witness ERP software market institutions Resource Planning in the Kingdom expanded very quickly, with recourse to a growing number of companies to use Oracle solutions produced by the company.
 And although the ERP software in place at no more than just 20 percent, of the 100 largest companies operating in the UK, but the market value of this type of software up to billions of riyals. Topping the oil and gas sectors, the financial sector, and the telecommunications sector, the use of ERP software.

ERP For Small To Medium Business Choice 

Although the government sector comes in fourth place among the sectors that use this type of software, but the needs of the sector of the software and contribute significantly to the increase in demand. The use of ERP applications in the public sector has recorded spectacular growth over the past twelve months, with growth rate of 500 percent. And occupies Oracle Corporation, the largest company specializing in the production of software enterprises in the world, a leadership position in the domestic market for ERP software, as the company's share up to 70 percent of the market. The company, which produces technical solutions, different applications within the Oracle E-Business package, a package that has become a standard for ERP software, from operating in supplying the most important Saudi sectors of the economy companies which oil and gas, telecommunications, and financial services sector and the government sector. However, the proliferation of e-government services, and the public sector are actually responsible for the rise in the pace of demand for Oracle services in the Kingdom.

Said Abdul Rahman Al-Thehaiban, CEO of Oracle in the Kingdom: The Saudi government implements a wide reforms to modernize public infrastructure, and accelerate the pace of economic diversification. In light of this initiative, more government bodies used in the Kingdom of Oracle applications and procedures to standardize the services provided by those bodies. For its part, Oracle supports those reforms by providing the highest levels of training at the site, and in such a way to get the maximum benefits provided by those applications.

And consistent services provided by Oracle with procedures that take their way into the application in the UK approach. He asked the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to bring Saudi nationals in the five million jobs held by expatriates agree, with the training of the new Saudi graduates and develop their skills and capabilities of Oracle's commitment. In addition, the group solutions produced by Oracle, which includes software to improve management and financial planning, human resources, and supply chain management, customer relationship management, and a number of business processes, are very suitable for the ambitious program of reform which the Saudi government is trying to implement it.

Government spending is on communications projects of factors that contribute to increased spending on ERP software - as the Oracle services now apply to the providers of wireless communications services such as STC and Mobily. And it ended Thehaiban on to say: "see the nature of the Saudi economy has changed significantly, as is the energy sectors, financial services, and communications, is the most widely used ERP software, but the transition to a knowledge-based economy, and the sharp rise in demand for ERP software, and storage applications , security, and management of content, in other sectors, means that the situation will change soon ...

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Look at Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

ERP Systems

We hear a lot at the moment the so-called Enterprise Resource Planning ERP or so-called Acronym Planning ERP systems, but what does it mean this term, what is important, what date, what is the future and who are the most important patrons? This concept is an industry term that refers to an integrated and multi-mode applications for service and support for multiple business-oriented functions. Systems based on this concept can contain software for the manufacturing, data entry, accounts received and paid, public accounts, procurement, storage, transportation, human resources and other matters related to the organization of companies and institutions.

Based on the concept of manufacturing, the systems concerned with using the ERP software packages Donna monopoly on the use of software designed and written for one client. Meaning they are interested in building a global standard systems of interest to all institutions and companies of all types and areas of work, and then each company may require the allocation of some programming packages that suit the nature of the work and structure which may differ from other companies.

This term has been formulated by a person named Gartner in 1990, but his innovation dates back to the sixties of the past century. Where this principle has been used in inventory management and control processes in the production sector. The engineers then built a special software programs for inventory control operations, balance the accounts in addition to building reports on the status of the work. By the seventies of the last century, it has been expanding the scope of these systems to include requirements for production planning and material systems and production processes scheduling.

Then these systems has grown to include more manufacturing processes renamed Manufacturing Resource Planning. In the nineties this expanded operations to include the so-called back-office functions in manufacturing enterprises such as accounts, human resources and other functions that have made this system something important and effective for all institutions of all sizes and orientations.

At present, institutions include the so-called smart business resource planning system in addition to being includes all the functions of the so-called front office, such as sales force automation, marketing automation and trade operations. With such effective systems ERP managed many companies to move to electronic work Automated organizer in all stages of production, supply, marketing, distribution and accounts .. despite the fact that the letter «E» in the ERP symbolizes the institutions that are implicitly huge institutions, most companies high-growth and medium-sized Size is currently working on the speed of the adoption of the ERP systems in structures.

The other thing that contributed to the significant growth of the ERP systems is the so-called «software as a service» or «Software-as-a-Service» and also could be called cloud computing. Where made these cloud solutions of the ERP systems cheaper and easier in the implementation and management. It allows you to create reports in real time, and enable smart business systems. According to the specialized statistics, it is expected that the use of growth-based solutions based on the ERP software as a service systems by about 21% last year until 2015, and this includes industrial companies of all sizes and orientations.

Where these companies play a major role in shaping the evolution of these systems to include new marketing targets with the expansion of the scope of services provided. Those who take the lead in supplying the world with these systems could mention here the top five producers of these systems which is SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards & Company, and Baan International. These companies get 64% of the proceeds of the ERP systems in the world. Where SAP's control of the $ 6.7 billion of the ERP market two thousandth Europe, followed by both Oracle and PeopleSoft in the second and third places respectively.

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ERP Software Use and Funcionallity

ERP is a project information system, designed to coordinate all the resources and information necessary to complete the process procedures and activities, such as accounting and billing. ERP supports most of the systems that run a variety of operational work procedures as tasks manufacturing and supply management, finance, projects, human resources, customer relationship management, all in a unified database.

ERP relies on a common database and design software special, base is shared data allow departments working storage and retrieval of information in a period of activity, while the programmatic design Viih management work to choose the necessary forms and arranged and linked models suppliers and add special new models to improve performance.

Ideally be integrated data between the various work processes, and practical resources may include a set of disparate applications planning system, each of which runs a separate data in a single database stores.

The term OF ERP

Origin named "ERP" is the Arabization of the name of planning in English Enterprise Resource Planning, and means almost literal translation "planning facilities resources", has this term originated from a regular "planning needs material" -sma later planning Altsnaa- and "the computerization of manufacturing" resources , it was presented by Garner company for research and analysis. Resource planning systems currently seeking to cover all the basic functions of an enterprise, regardless of whether they are commercial or not, Alasnaaah institutions and non-profit organizations and governments, are now able to use resource planning systems.

To be considered as ERP system, we must offer a software function two systems at least system, for example, software that provides both job payroll and accounting group can be considered as a technical resource planning system software, however, the term is dedicated larger and with a wider range of applications.

Provide resource planning system as an alternative to or more independent of the two applications excludes the need for internal interfaces required in the past between systems, and provides additional benefits ranging from standardization and maintenance at least (one system instead of two or more) and even report the capabilities of the best and easiest (including that the data stored in one database ).

Examples of units in the ERP system, which are already individual applications include: manufacturing, supply chain, finance and customer relationship management, human resources, warehouse management and decision support system.
Look at Planning Solutions

Some organizations -walta usually have the technical skill to integrate products Albermjah- choose to apply only parts of the resource planning system and the development of external interfaces to other systems, resource planning, or other independent systems for different application needs. For example, the organization can choose to use human resource management system of the supplier, and the use of financial systems from another supplier, then integration arise between the systems themselves.

This is common in the retail sector, where the store has separate applications for the products and financial point of sale, then a series of specialized applications to handle business requirements such as warehouses and lists of staff and marketing of goods and logistics management.

Ideally, resource planning database provides a single software designs include all the data, which include the following:


Engineering and bills of materials, scheduling, capacity, workflow management, quality control, cost management and manufacturing process and manufacturing projects and the path of industrialization

Supply Chain Management

Cash orders, inventory, procurement and the problem of the product and supply chain planning and scheduling of suppliers and inspect the goods and the claims procedure and calculate commissions


General ledger and cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and fixed assets


Costs and invoices, expenses and management activity

Human Resources

Salaries, training and preparation and the preparation of the daily menus and benefits

Customer Relationship Management

Sales, marketing and commissions, services and customer contacts and phone support center

Project Tools:

1- Open ERP V 5: Why the fifth edition because it is the easiest to learn and experimentation

2. Environment and Lendu: Why is the easiest in the installation of Linux, but when you can understand your abilities in development at the end of the project must be run on the server neighborhood Linux will explain it Baltvsa

3. development and amendment to the units OPEN ERP features flexible open source and because it is built and Balbaathon it easy adjustment and development to fit your requirements

4. Acumatica : read more about acumatica reviews and get lot of informations

You must expand your consciousness in the search by google explanations and recommendations
In any project information is very useful in connecting thoughts hand information gathering there first and most important stage is called SRS Software Requirements Specification

You should at this stage to sit and listen to department managers about the way they work

And Kiffa the course of the operations within the department and its relationship to sections other example


Enterprise Resource Planning Introduction

Simply the ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and meaning in English "enterprise resource planning" or "resource planning within the institution," conclude from this that this shortcut simply means the use of resources within the company a more effective manner and is also noted that the term ERP "ERP "Not only is a Software" program "or Systems" system "but it is the ideology itself.

Some companies build software applications that operate according to this former ideological mentioned These are called multiple application names including ERP Solutions or ERP Software or ERP systems, but there is more, the developers and programmers responsible for the construction and the manufacture of these software applications rely in making them the principle of the application of the best practice possible to manage the business, resulting from previous experience in these areas and this feature is one of the features most valuable - ERP software ERP system - and we find that many small businesses lack the so-called expertise and this can be the difference between food companies successful growth companies medium and here comes the role - ERP software ERP system.

At what stage in the life cycle stages of the enterprise, the need for programs ERP ERP system are inevitable. Managers Successful know it and understand it well, and also know that with the growth and expansion of the enterprise activity, it will make the planning and control task very difficult task and that it would be very useful to use sophisticated solutions such as enterprise ERP system resources in such situations planning programs.

To the needs of ERP Systems

All the small companies that are looking to grow its activities and the size of its need to use the enterprise ERP system, some large companies ERP software has been completely abstain from entering into any deals with you or the completion of any work with you if you were not your organization or your company does not use - institutions ERP resource planning programs system - because such programs or systems are evidence of the high quality and is proof that your organization or your company is working good and effective manner, there are many, many advantages and benefits resulting from the use of - ERP software ERP system - but we will talk about it at length later.

ERP software ERP system - fall under the list of integrated systems, which means it was built in order to play to integrate with any part of your business within your organization or company as an example, it initially manager can in a small coordination between the various departments easily company, but when they start the company's growth in the same thing happens with the size and number of the company's departments, the coordination becomes becomes very difficult and expensive process. And walk on like this it is certain that the coordination and control at a certain point of time the crisis will be inevitable within the institution or company and in this moment would be the best friend for managers to assist them in solving this problem is - ERP software ERP system - because the coordination and planning between the task different departments is one of the main tasks within that made for her.

ERP System in real life

ERP software ERP system is an integrated system that covers all departments (Finance - stores - human resources - customer service - manufacturing stages ... etc) but these systems departments are all linked together in an integrated database (in the vernacular means Ptsama in some). The sense that you buy from stores, rather than a program of the company and an accounting program from another company can buy a complete system from a single company. As an example of institutions ERP system resource planning programs, which in turn is one of the best of the ERP Solutions or ERP Software or ERP systems accountant Arab program for the management of institutions, companies and software has many, many different versions that fit all the needs of institutions, companies, factories and even small projects such as shops and supermarkets.

And it appreciates the aspiration of the Arab Aktar accountant for program management institutions through the details of the program's official website
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