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ERP For Small To Medium Business

ERP For Small To Medium Business  - Witness ERP software market institutions Resource Planning in the Kingdom expanded very quickly, with recourse to a growing number of companies to use Oracle solutions produced by the company.
 And although the ERP software in place at no more than just 20 percent, of the 100 largest companies operating in the UK, but the market value of this type of software up to billions of riyals. Topping the oil and gas sectors, the financial sector, and the telecommunications sector, the use of ERP software.

ERP For Small To Medium Business Choice 

Although the government sector comes in fourth place among the sectors that use this type of software, but the needs of the sector of the software and contribute significantly to the increase in demand. The use of ERP applications in the public sector has recorded spectacular growth over the past twelve months, with growth rate of 500 percent. And occupies Oracle Corporation, the largest company specializing in the production of software enterprises in the world, a leadership position in the domestic market for ERP software, as the company's share up to 70 percent of the market. The company, which produces technical solutions, different applications within the Oracle E-Business package, a package that has become a standard for ERP software, from operating in supplying the most important Saudi sectors of the economy companies which oil and gas, telecommunications, and financial services sector and the government sector. However, the proliferation of e-government services, and the public sector are actually responsible for the rise in the pace of demand for Oracle services in the Kingdom.

Said Abdul Rahman Al-Thehaiban, CEO of Oracle in the Kingdom: The Saudi government implements a wide reforms to modernize public infrastructure, and accelerate the pace of economic diversification. In light of this initiative, more government bodies used in the Kingdom of Oracle applications and procedures to standardize the services provided by those bodies. For its part, Oracle supports those reforms by providing the highest levels of training at the site, and in such a way to get the maximum benefits provided by those applications.

And consistent services provided by Oracle with procedures that take their way into the application in the UK approach. He asked the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to bring Saudi nationals in the five million jobs held by expatriates agree, with the training of the new Saudi graduates and develop their skills and capabilities of Oracle's commitment. In addition, the group solutions produced by Oracle, which includes software to improve management and financial planning, human resources, and supply chain management, customer relationship management, and a number of business processes, are very suitable for the ambitious program of reform which the Saudi government is trying to implement it.

Government spending is on communications projects of factors that contribute to increased spending on ERP software - as the Oracle services now apply to the providers of wireless communications services such as STC and Mobily. And it ended Thehaiban on to say: "see the nature of the Saudi economy has changed significantly, as is the energy sectors, financial services, and communications, is the most widely used ERP software, but the transition to a knowledge-based economy, and the sharp rise in demand for ERP software, and storage applications , security, and management of content, in other sectors, means that the situation will change soon ...

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