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Look at Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

ERP Systems

We hear a lot at the moment the so-called Enterprise Resource Planning ERP or so-called Acronym Planning ERP systems, but what does it mean this term, what is important, what date, what is the future and who are the most important patrons? This concept is an industry term that refers to an integrated and multi-mode applications for service and support for multiple business-oriented functions. Systems based on this concept can contain software for the manufacturing, data entry, accounts received and paid, public accounts, procurement, storage, transportation, human resources and other matters related to the organization of companies and institutions.

Based on the concept of manufacturing, the systems concerned with using the ERP software packages Donna monopoly on the use of software designed and written for one client. Meaning they are interested in building a global standard systems of interest to all institutions and companies of all types and areas of work, and then each company may require the allocation of some programming packages that suit the nature of the work and structure which may differ from other companies.

This term has been formulated by a person named Gartner in 1990, but his innovation dates back to the sixties of the past century. Where this principle has been used in inventory management and control processes in the production sector. The engineers then built a special software programs for inventory control operations, balance the accounts in addition to building reports on the status of the work. By the seventies of the last century, it has been expanding the scope of these systems to include requirements for production planning and material systems and production processes scheduling.

Then these systems has grown to include more manufacturing processes renamed Manufacturing Resource Planning. In the nineties this expanded operations to include the so-called back-office functions in manufacturing enterprises such as accounts, human resources and other functions that have made this system something important and effective for all institutions of all sizes and orientations.

At present, institutions include the so-called smart business resource planning system in addition to being includes all the functions of the so-called front office, such as sales force automation, marketing automation and trade operations. With such effective systems ERP managed many companies to move to electronic work Automated organizer in all stages of production, supply, marketing, distribution and accounts .. despite the fact that the letter «E» in the ERP symbolizes the institutions that are implicitly huge institutions, most companies high-growth and medium-sized Size is currently working on the speed of the adoption of the ERP systems in structures.

The other thing that contributed to the significant growth of the ERP systems is the so-called «software as a service» or «Software-as-a-Service» and also could be called cloud computing. Where made these cloud solutions of the ERP systems cheaper and easier in the implementation and management. It allows you to create reports in real time, and enable smart business systems. According to the specialized statistics, it is expected that the use of growth-based solutions based on the ERP software as a service systems by about 21% last year until 2015, and this includes industrial companies of all sizes and orientations.

Where these companies play a major role in shaping the evolution of these systems to include new marketing targets with the expansion of the scope of services provided. Those who take the lead in supplying the world with these systems could mention here the top five producers of these systems which is SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards & Company, and Baan International. These companies get 64% of the proceeds of the ERP systems in the world. Where SAP's control of the $ 6.7 billion of the ERP market two thousandth Europe, followed by both Oracle and PeopleSoft in the second and third places respectively.

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